Nations To Watch Out For In 23rd Women Champions Trophy

The beat of excitement and thump of zeal is back with women’s hockey champions trophy Changzhou 2018.

It is the 23rd and last edition of the Hockey Champions Trophy for women and will be held in between 17 and 25 November 2018 in Changzhou, China.

6 nations will battle to win the historic title in November

FIH- The International Hockey Federation has unleashed that Argentina, Australia, China, Great Britain, Japan, and the Netherlands would set the field on fire. Let’s find out what is the excellence offered by the selected nations.

  • Netherlands

Indeed this is one of the most powerful and strong team to vouch for, as the Netherlands is the 2018 World Cup champions and won the last year’s Hockey World League. It holds the ranking #1 in the FIH Hero World Rankings since October 2011, and their team is adamant and confident to continue this legacy by adding this prestigious title to their trophy cabinet.

  • Great Britain

Great Britain is ranked #2 on FIH ranking and has won the Rio 2016. Since the Olympics, they have been building their skills to be flaunted in the field, and defiantly they are in the line to win the throne of women’s champions trophy.

  • Australia

Ranked #3 in the world’s list, Australia is all set to create the momentum to their winning pattern oozing out from their past championships. This country is truly a challenger for the Trophy in China.

  • Argentina

On the other hand, Argentina will also be eager to dispel any disappointment through their performance wagon in this championship. However being ranked #4, they have every required set of talent, skill, and goals within their squad to challenge for this year’s gold medals.

  • Japan

This year Japan caught the attention of the world by defeating India in the final. This year’s Champions Trophy win would be a key to enter the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

  • China

Let’s get ready to feel the oomph further with China preparing for the inaugural season in the FIH Pro League, where the new teams would join as Champions Trophy opponents Argentina, Australia, Great Britain, and the Netherlands. The Chinese team is coached by the former Germany Head Coach Jamilon Mülders, who would be looking to reward their passionate fans.

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How Stepper Machines Are The Best Workout Model For Arthritis

Living with Arthritis is not an easy task, as the pain experienced in bending, moving and slight movement is beyond the expressions.

Sadly, the restrictions of the body movement lead to the weight gain and other diseases to happen in the body, which lacks the mobility due to a health condition, consequently leading to other health complications.

The number of exercise equipment varies from individual to individuals, but when it comes to deciding on the best workout model for Arthritis patients, then extra attention has to be given to the selection of the workout, to avoid any further health hazard to take place.


However, there is a simple way to handle this situation and manage the health as well with a STEPPER MACHINE.

How Does The Stepper Machine Help?

The steppers simulate walking up stairs, which turns out to be equivalent to an aerobic workout, helping the muscles around the knee joints to be strengthened and improving the overall knee health.

Needless to say, an effective aerobic workout keeps the shape and weight to be in control, and as a result, you attain the least stress on the knee joints.


Yes, it’s not lesser than the surprise, where Arthritis Foundation has declared that steppers deal effectively with Knee Problems, as it strengthens the knee joints and improves the range of motion of the knees.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, steppers also offer a number of benefits for the other fitness benefits, such as:

  • Stepper machines provide a low-impact workout and help your body to avoid the sudden shocks of vigorous other workouts.
  • By working regularly with stepper machines, you can develop the muscle tone around buttocks, hips, calves, and thighs.
  • It turns out to be a perfect piece for burning the significant number of calories.

Albeit, selecting a right stepper for your fitness goal is the vital aspect and failing to pay attention to this can limit your health benefits.

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Rowing Machines The Newest Trend In The Fitness World

Exercise and workout are not bound to any age!!

With this statement, it is very much significant that a fitness plan which consists of cardio and aerobic exercise is a MUST to include in your daily life, which contributes to your overall health.

However, picking an exercise program to fit the bill of your daily schedule is a challenging task, as not each of us is lucky enough to pare the time out daily to stay fit.

In such a tumultuous situation, the rowing machine is definitely a blessing, which helps in improving the overall health and is a perfect fit for all ages and fitness levels.

A rowing machine is an exercise equipment, mimicking the motion of rowing a boat in the water and burns 10-15% more calories than running or cycling.

Here are some more benefits associated with Rowing Machine, just read ahead…

  • Rowing machine helps in burn calories, tone muscles, and increase the stamina, as it burns an average of 600 calories an hour, which is anyhow better than any gym workout.
  • With this machine, you get a stellar full body workout, including the rhomboids in the shoulders, trapezii in the upper back, and lats in the lower back. It also offers an efficient workout for your biceps, pecs, and abs. It lets you build the strong legs and glutes and maintains the flexibility and balance.
  • For the people who are overweight or have existing joint problems, a rowing machine gives the better chances to get the healthy body, as the motion of rowing is natural and has low impact, which puts the least stress on the joints.
  • It is reported that rowing is a boon for the cardiovascular and keep the heart and lungs healthy.

These are just a snapshot of the benefits offered by the Rowing machines, but there is much more to be served on the platter, so without wasting a moment purchase an affordable rower to be utilized within your comfort zone and help you stay healthy.

Are you thinking about where to buy it?

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How Does Cable Cross Machine Help You Achieve Fitness Goal

Fitness and health are not just the trends, but these aspects are the demands of the current time and everyone runs around to get the best services for their health.

There are various options available for the fitness regime, ranging from yoga to personal workout session, the options are many, and the sources to accomplish the health goals are also in abundance.

In this post, I am going to draw your attention towards the cable cross machine

Yes, the cable cross machine is the best way to beat the hiccups caused in the fitness routine and give a healthy dose of completing the commercial cardio exercise or the personal fitness challenge.

This very gym equipment leads to an easy, flexible and is a great source of the efficient working regime at your home even and lets you perform the workout with the abundance of convenience.

Let’s explore some of the benefits, cable crossover machine has in store for you…just read ahead…

  • It doesn’t require any trainer supervision and lets the user work out on anytime easily.
  • Cable crossover machines work act like free weights, allowing the users to perform a large number of exercises.
  • It is highly easy to be used and its set up requires little to zero effort.
  • The user takes least efforts in coordination as the cable crossover machine itself stabilizes the body.
  • It is also easier to lift weights with the help of a cable machine so user ends up lifting more than compared to free weights.

These are some of the benefits that are offered with crossover machine, and there are more in store, which you can explore when you own a one and start practicing the best workout on it.

So what’s next???

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How To Get The Best Gym Equipment In Tight Budget

Expecting your health to be perfectly fit is a hard nut to crack in today’s tome, as there are multiple reasons behind its very existence, and one of the most preferred reasons I would like to mention herewith is the sedentary lifestyle we live.

Sadly, we all are too much engrossed with our daily needs and these needs carry us to an extent that we end up behaving like a machine, and in this run of getting the monetary benefits, we miss out largely on our health system.

The heath is the only factor, which can bring us much nearer to the bank of diseases and only help us get our health deteriorated to a larger extent.

But something which worsens the situation is that even after learning the relevance of the maintaining ourselves healthy and fit, we don’t give enough time to our health as we LACK the time to hit the gym and keep ourselves healthy.

Should we chuck our health regime completely???

Of course not skipping the health regime entirely is not an ideal option, because if you want to feel better, want more energy or even want to add years to your life…exercise is the best way.

The regular exercise aids to prevent or manage a wide range of health problems and concerns, including stroke, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, depression, a number of types of cancer and arthritis.

The question arises, if this much health can be affected due to exercise, then how to implement in your daily regime, when you don’t have enough time???

The answer is…it can easily be done with a Home Gym.

Ohhh…the idea sounds great, but wouldn’t it cost too much???

Yes, it can be if you prefer to buy the equipment from an ordinary manufacturer, where the cost would be high and quality would be low, but if you want the quality-laden home gym equipment, then you must get in touch with the leading gym equipment manufacturer- Cosco.

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Hit Treadmill To Burn Those Extra Kilos

Festivities, celebrations or the regular parties spark the new level of excitements within you, but there is always a regret attached to it, which comes with some extra pounds attached to your body.

Sadly, these extra pounds take longer to be shed due to the regular absence of acquiring time to hit the gym and get rid of consequences caused by the sweet sins from the food menu.

Alas!!! This situation is experienced largely by everybody, who understands the worth of staying fit but don’t get enough time to practice.

Hence, the outbreak of diseases is expected and followed by those unnecessary doctor appointments coupled with the heavy medical bills.

There mere thought of this vision is a nightmare and gives a chilling feel down to your spine.

Can there be a solution to manage this catastrophe???

Yes, there is a very common issue and easily be handled with the intervention of technology at your doorstep.

Are you confused that what am I referring even to???

Well, peeps, you don’t need to get confused anymore because the reply is Treadmill.

“The treadmill is a great way to burn extra calories every day and it really does help you to lose weight.”

How To Do This???

Aim…yes you need to aim to challenge your body by changing the workout throughout the week with harder days alternating with easier days.

The best aspect of the treadmill is that it lets you lose weight easily at home without paying the hefty fee in gyms.

Many people fall for this misconception that treadmill is boring and full of monotonous, but eventually, this is all wrong, since treadmill gives you the convenience to enjoy the workout regime in front of your favorite programme while watching TV.

In this process, the time would fly you can burn those extra calories without a fail.

Hence, it is the cherishing way to lose weight and treadmill lets you enjoy the opportunity to shed weight.

But in order to make you a perfectionist, in this post some of the steps I am going to mention, let’s take a look further…

  • Initiate the workout regime with a succinct warm-up exercise like a slow walk.
  • Dress workout dress and keep a towel handy and cover your feet with joggers.
  • Now start with a 30-minute walk and continue this for the next 2 to 3 days and increase the duration gradually.
  • Pick one hill workout programmed on the treadmill every week for approx 20 to 30 minutes, just ensure to maintain the normal speed.
  • Each week, keep including one workout- twice the time length and go slowly for the entire workout.
  • Warm-up for 10 minutes and keep increasing the speed for 30-60 seconds.
  • Recover in 60-90 seconds and repeat the interval.
  • Also, keep a watch on your calorie intake for the efficient weight loss.
  • Don’t cut the calories completely, but consume only what is required.

These tips can only effective if you are using the right treadmill for your regime. The best quality treadmill or I must say the best treadmill in India is only available with the leading sports company Cosco.

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3 Benefits of Exercise Ball You Want to Know

In today’s time, Staying fit is the need of the hour, one needs to be fit to be able to handle all the stress life brings to us. Our daily routine is like getting up in morning, going office, coming back home, & sleeping at night. With such a mundane lifestyle, we might earn a lot but we miss our health.

 We millennial’s do not have the time for our health, & ourselves. This kind of attitude affects our health a lot. For such a hectic schedule, exercising at home is an easy way to stay fit. One can buy exercise equipment & workout to stay fit. One of the lightweight & comfortable to use exercise equipment is Exercise ball.

Exercise balls are air-filled and comfortable to use during fitness workouts. The exercise ball is also referred to as a Swiss ball, stability ball, gym ball, or a yoga ball. They are lightweight and durable. Some of the colorful exercise balls can support up to 600 pounds.

Exercise with the ball can help in toning up the muscles. Besides that, the ball helps in healing hip, back & knee injuries too. There are many benefits of exercise ball workout; few of them are as follows—

Benefits of Exercise Ball

  • Give strength to the Core Muscles

Working out with exercise ball will strengthen your abdominal muscles and lower back muscles. These muscles help to maintain the core stability in your body. A strong core may protect the lumbar back area and help to balance any weight-bearing stresses. In case if you have back problems, working out with exercise ball will be great for you as it supports the lower back.

Improve Your Balance

You need to use your abdominal and back muscles to keep your balance on the ball. Training with an exercise ball in the right manner may be beneficial for healthy posture

Improve Flexibility –

You can use an exercise ball to warm up and stretch your muscles before you begin a workout. This may help to keep your muscles and joints functional & increase flexibility.

Exercise ball adds variety to your fitness routine. The kind of benefits it offers is something, which is not possible, otherwise without heavy exercises.

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Lets Support Indian National Football Team -Cosco

One of the most trending social media feeds, these days is all about Sunil Chhetri, who is an ace Indian professional footballer and the captain of Indian National Football team.

No Sunil Chhetri was in news not for any wrong reasons, but for the very positive and the obvious reason, which was an appeal to every Indian citizen to come forward and take a step ahead to make Football a skillful game to bring laurels to our nation.

The appeal stated, “To all of you, who have lost hope or don’t have any hope in Indian football, we request you to come and watch us in the stadium,” Sunil said.

This small but emotional plea worked on the countless stalwarts from the different spots and Bollywood celebrities, and every ticket was sold out before the match started.

This majorly happened due to the negligence paid to the Indian football team, which has the caliber to excel further with its skills and excellence but lacks the support of cheerful fans and the audience.

In this wake, the leading Sports and Football manufacturer Cosco comes forward and urges the entire nation to come in abundance and help our very much own national Indian team to get its deserving recognition worldwide.

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Play Football With Fifa Approved Cosco Football

FIFA is going to bring back its contagious affection back in the month of June with 21st FIFA world cup Russia from 14th June- 15th July’18. FIFA has gained recognition in every household across the world, wherein people access FIFA by playing the casual games with friends or competitive tournaments, apart from watching, to meet the challenge of #humfittohindiafit, to benefit the entire well-being of the players.

How to improve health & fitness with FIFA?

Once you come back from a stressful day at work or other daily-life situations where you get zeroed with your creativity and burdened further with your responsibilities, then you need a platform to unwind yourself and what can be better playing a real sport- Soccer to burst that stress bubble and feel rejuvenated, it is nothing but a blessing in itself.

I think it is quite obvious now that why you must play FIFA, and nothing can be much better than playing the FIFA with a football which is approved by FIFA itself.

Yes you heard me right I am talking about the FIFA Approved Cosco Platina Football.

What is special about FIFA Platina Football?

First this ball is officially approved by FIFA

Second, it is made with Finest Japanese PU Material for Ultimate Flight Stability and Durability. To mark the quality standard of FIFA, this ball crosses the 7  Rigorous Quality Test under the demanding conditions to ensure that Ball retains its Shape and Size facing the hard kicks during the match.

You can pull up your socks with #CoscoIndia and be predictably fit and healthy with your approach by playing FIFA.

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Show Your Love For Football With Football Accessories

Football is a game which requires passion, energy, and zest to be a part of it and not just the players but the football fans also relish the football experience. The fans always cheer the team and set the temperature high in the football ground, and fans do express their admiration for the football with the football accessories, which are adorned by the fans of different age groups to show their respect and love for their respective football teams, while playing and practicing their favorite football game.

Cosco Football

Football accessories let the players, fan and the football lovers to enjoy the intricacies of the football game with the best and durable products to rejoice the best practices of the football game and ensure to give the safety and protection while admiring the football game playing tactics. The football accessories must be of good quality, so the player would not experience anything worst or severe consequences, due to the breakage of the accessories.

It is very exciting to know that the every year and in every season, the football accessories have gone through a major make-over, and are turning better than their previous versions and are becoming a very much part of the football industry to make a difference and turning the very much part of the football game in today’s time. There are various types of football accessories are available in the market, but unfortunately, not every football accessories which comes, offer the best quality product with the reasonable price, rather these products are made up of low-grade material with the burning price tags, so in order to ease down your pain and helping you in getting the best football accessories, we have brought you some of the football accessories which can be availed from Cosco and you can experience the magnificent world of football effortlessly.

Washable shinguard with foam protection– It is durable and lightweight, these guards offer a flexible shell stay securely in place and provide enhanced protection. This shin guard is available only with Cosco and the velcro closure lets you conveniently adjust to get a customized fit

Nylon net– Cosco offers the most unique and distinguished Nylon Net, which is stringently tested on numerous predefined parameters, so you can get the best quality net as per your need.

Glove– These gloves are engineered knit back, and have lightweight ventilation, with a hook-and-loop wrist closure for a personalized fit, the full-length silicon palms for enhanced grip and the strategically placed overlays at fingertips help keep the glove in place.

These are some of the accessories offered by the Cosco, wherein you can Buy Football Equipment, and Buy Football accessories from a very trusted and the leading sports accessories manufacturer in India. The nature of football puts a huge amount of strain on specific muscle groups, and if these muscles are not completely protected while it can lead to some of the most severe consequences, so the quality of the football accessories needs to be of high-quality and must serve the purpose well. Cosco is a known name in the sports industry and there is much more to be explored further with Cosco, and you can buy Football of the best quality from one of the top Football stores in India, and that is none other than Cosco.

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