8 Forgotten Childhood Games That We Need To Revive Before They Are Lost Forever

Those were the days that we thought would never end. The days of being young and naïve and not having a care in the world. However, as we grew up we somehow forgot how much fun we used to have back then. Now-a-days kids just seem hooked on to their gadgets but they really don’t know what they’re missing out on. The joy of going outside and playing random games with your friends is something else altogether. Here are our favourite games from our childhood that we bet you totally forgot about!

  1. Chain or as we call it Saakli.

This game consists of a ‘denner’ who has to catch all the other players. Once he catches another player, the said player also becomes the denner and hold hands with the original denner in an attempt to catch the rest of the players.


  1. Langdi

We obviously love our ‘pakdam-pakdi’ but when the traditional game got boring and monotonous we invented our own variation, one which involved hoping around on one leg looking like a chicken!


  1. Hopscotch better known as Stapoo

This game involves drawing a pattern of boxes of the floor after which you throw a small object into one of the numbered boxes. The player who throws the object then has to jump through the boxes to go retrieve the object.


  1. Pittoo

Pittoo or seven stones was widely popular through-out South Asia. It consisted of a stack of seven stones and the aim of the two opposing teams was to break the stack and build it up again before getting hit by a member of the opposing teams.


  1. Oranges and Lemons or Poshampa

Two kids stood together making a makeshift bridge and sang a song. Whoever was under the bridge when the song ended and the hands came down would be trapped and was considered out.

This is to jog your memory.

Oranges and lemons, sold for a penny,

All the school girls are so many!

The grass is green and the rose is red,

Remember me when I am dead-dead-dead-dead-dead!


  1. Vish-Amrit a.k.a Lock and Key

There’s a denner who has to go catch the other players. As soon as the denner catches a player he is infected with ‘vish’ or poison and cannot move until one of the other players on his team touches him and gives him ‘amrut’.


  1. Four Corners

Each of the four corners of a room is given a name and the aim of the game is to choose one of the corners of the room and not get caught. The denner will pick the corner when the music stops and all the people standing in that corner will be considered ‘out’.


  1. Lattoo

Lattoo is a wooden top which has grooves in its lower half and a nail at the bottom, on which it spins. Don’t you remember having lattoo competitions as a child? The child who’s lattoo spun the longest won!



Games enhance physical growth and improve emotional stability

Eat, Play and Repeat is the new mantra that every child should get acquainted to. Without healthy food, a child can’t get enough nutrition and without play a child might miss on physical development. We have always heard that playing makes one strong physically. We miss out on the fact that it helps a mind grow stable with age. Have you ever compared a child who plays games and a child who doesn’t? You will get the answer.

A sportsperson is a healthy man who not only eats healthy but thinks healthy too. When I was young, I remember those days when my child got sluggish with daily activities and it was time I had to make a firm decision. I know what I was planning of might be difficult to actualize in the initial days but once it got into the veins of my child, he would get rid of all the inactiveness. I wanted him to play, run around and remain active like he was in his days of taking leaps and bounds.

The idea was to get him trained on badminton so that it could boost him up. I love this sport for various reasons. I played it in when I myself was a child and my husband too loves it. It is a game that keeps a person active every second. After five years of the implementation of this plan, today I am proud to see my son play in inter state championship. He has grown to be a better player than many good sportspersons. Playing sports which he hated some time back has now grown on him. Something stereo type but classic incident I would like to share is that like any other he likes playing with Cosco shuttle cock. I know it is hilarious but that’s how our mind has been systemized, isn’t it? More than being systemized, I think it is the trust and reliability that Cosco has developed in us.


I don’t think I am the only person who would agree. Ask superstar sportsperson would second my thought. A badminton player or be it a basketball player, every player wants equipment needed for the game from the brand Cosco. It is years of accomplishment it has bagged for itself. In our times, we only knew of a few products manufactured by this but now look at the myriad of product line it has to offer. Right from sports accessories, to fitness equipment or may be any sports equipment, you just name it, it is right there.

The contribution towards building healthy country is commendable. I am thankful to them for contributing towards the development of my son’s mental and physical ability. I also see a mature person in my 15 years old boy.

It is a shout out to all the parents to inculcate the habit of playing any of the sports to see a good change in your children. Their potential will be exposed in a beautiful manner.

7 games that we have enjoyed playing as Kids

When we commemorate the golden days that is childhood, we relate to the most playful times. You must have got an idea what I am referring to. It is the time we played games. Nothing could give that ecstasy of life but games. It is rare that one can see a child play the same game with that enthusiasm and eagerness. Despite many obstructions that a child or a student is dominated by, there are a few games that are still being played. One of them is cricket and whenever we relate to cricket, we definitely relate to the word Cosco. Not matter what brand the ball was manufactured by, the name that a cricket lover was used to is Cosco.

Let me take down the memory lane of the seven most popular games that we played in the 80’s and 90’s and encourage everyone to continue the legacy.

Cricket: This game is by far the most popular game not just in one or two countries but across the globe. Cricket always united the colonial friends and cousins to play together and eventually develop that friendliness which is hardly seen now. The bat made of any wooden piece and three sticks used as stamps, who can forget those days? The so called Cosco ball was the heart of the game. A child would eagerly wait to reach home after school, to change uniform and rush to bang the doors of the friends. Now people are busier sitting in a couch and playing video games and PS3, X box and many such games that make one ideal.


Musical Chair: Wow what a game this was. Everyone gathering in the open space and playing to the tunes of music and enjoying the roundabout of men was really fun. Who do you see playing this anymore?


Hide and Seek: Another exciting game in the list is Hide and Seek. It gave adrenaline rush whenever we had to be searched by our friends.


Skipping: This game definitely met the health goals along with the count one kept of skipping without a break.


Chinese Whisper: How about that game which taught us what manipulation can be like? Yes it is Chinese whisper. It was full of fun and excitement.


Hopscotch: This maneuver through some boxes drawn on the plain surface did bring smiles on everyone’s face specially girls.


Pittu: This is the last of the seven games that we can’t forget and get nostalgic thinking about. The ball used was Cosco, the same ball used in cricket.


The mind not corrupted then with the advanced technology made us creative enough to come up with those game ideas and the most played of all was cricket. I remember playing with my brothers and dad in the playground nearby and always fighting to bat first. I could only play with the so called Cosco ball as it was the name anyone knew, even a kid who had just begun to play cricket. Cricket and Cosco are synonymous and can’t be separated ever. Let few things be the way they are! That retains the charm. Sometimes wrong sounds right, doesn’t it?