From New Year Resolution to Revolution

I never knew this would happen in my life. But it happened and I am a popular figure now in my town. New Year resolution was never my cup of tea until one day when I had taken to bed. It was winter last year and exactly on the 1st of January, I hopped in for a picnic with my colonial cousins. It was an adrenaline fun along the river side. The river water was calling me and I couldn’t resist. The result later was a bad cold and body ache. Don’t judge me on that. I do exercise but adieu bye to it during winters. Hence I suffered.

My New Year resolution began on the 2nd of January of 2015 to keep my immunity stronger. I got even conscious because the rest of the people who had done the same activities were all smiling and chirping the usual manner the next day.

Yoga, the game changer

Yoga it was. I made up my mind to teach and practice Yoga that could keep me rejuvenated and helped me impart the most important lesson of physical fitness to the kids. Surprisingly, I have more than forty practitioners now and they can’t do without a single day of Yoga.

The beginning wasn’t a smooth sail. I was the only soul doing it religiously. When kids of my neighboring area got to know about it, attracted many kids and young minds as we know love to take part in something they don’t know much about. That was the stepping stone for me. Soon a few increased to more and now I don’t have enough yoga mats. It is a sense of achievement for me. This initiative might sound a smaller one but the fruit is worth mentioning. When people call you the Yoga Guru, it puffs you with pride.

A simple Yoga regime can beat your unhealthy routine and inspire others at the same time. To start with I ordered around 10 Yoga Mats from Cosco and those were my lucky charm.

Effects of Yoga in my life

My life has taken its active shape with the help of Yoga. More than staying active with it, inspiring others to be active motivates me. Cherry on the cake is each of the following-

  • Life has gotten optimistic and health is three times better than it used to be
  • Practically speaking, mind and body feel relaxed, a feeling which I have never experienced before
  • Fitness can never be parted ways with be it any season
  • Everything around looks colorful and lively

Imagine the kind of turn Yoga has given to my life. I should also thank my only equipment that is Yoga Mat by Cosco India that has helped me accomplish this task. I cannot ignore Yoga bricks that have added a twist to the whole Yoga Asanas.


5 Ways to win over this winter and live up to your New Year Resolution

It is said that lazy people are the most creative people. I guess that is true because had there been no lazy people around, we would not have come across the simple machines that make life simpler. Such people can get things their way or the highway. But when it comes to Fitness, it is a conundrum that these creative people can’t do much about. This chilling winter adds on to the pain in the neck. It is no less than an uphill task and I truly second the feeling. Hey, wait! Don’t get disheartened.

I hate winters but I love to stay fit. In order to keep myself in shape and not to lose on my health factor, I have stumbled upon certain workouts that are fun as well as powerful. They have worked great for me. Hope they do the same for you. Let me share the secrets.

5 Classic Workouts with a modern touch

Workouts can be really interesting if done the right way with some innovations. The question that must be on your mind is “Can they be done at home?” Absolutely! So let your wings spread and help you be persistent with your fitness activity even during this cold time of the year.

  1. Power Yoga: It is the advanced form of Yoga. As you are already used to hardcore workouts during summers, this should be just another routine for you. Though the name sounds scary, the result and feasibility of carrying it out even in winters is an advantage. You have a room, be it small or big and you have a yoga mat, you are set to start. Beginners can do 15 minutes power yoga watching videos. You can play your favorite music in the background and enjoy your session.
  2. Burpee: Like a full breakfast that includes everything nutritious, Burpee acts like one. It is a mix of pullups, pushups, and squats etc. that make you fitter with every workout. You might need a Yoga Set Mudra for this and this can work like a charm, without a doubt. Yoga Set Mudra from Cosco India has great quality with excellent durability. I am using that. Maybe that helps you too.
  3. Skipping: We have all done this when we were young and enjoyed doing it. Why not include it in the workout at home? It is a wonderful activity that warms your body up and enhances your stamina too. You don’t have to spend a fortune either for this, just a simple skipping rod and it works like a charm for you.
  4. Aerobic: If you love music and don’t want the hectic exercise burden you, a peppy number and aerobics can be an excellent choice.
  5. Running: One of the best ways to enhance your cardio regime is running. You will need a treadmill, though. Spending a little on helping you keep your body fit without going to a gym sounds like a plan to you, and then a manual treadmill is the best idea.

Don’t let anything come on your way to shake a leg this winter. Wear your best work out outfit and get rolling.

I love Dwayne Johnson, popularly known as The Rock and I would like to quote him here “If something stands between you and your success, move it. Never be denied”.

My laziness has gotten a defeat this winter, so will yours.

10 Things That Will Take You Back In Time To The 90’s

Here are some of the things from the 90’s that will take you back down memory lane and make you feel like the 90’s took place just yesterday instead of nearly one and a half decade ago! Yes, it has actually been that long.

The next graduating class form school will be people born in 2001! Are you really that old? Has it really been that long?

Take a look at our list to feel the nostalgia and make you feel like a kid again.

  1. When you actually had to take the film to the photo studio to get it developed instead of the digital cameras we have today.

You didn’t know how the pictures had come out until you actually went to the nearest photo studio and got them developed. And the anticipation of waiting for your photographs to come back was one of the best feelings ever.

  1. Listening to music on an actual cassette player and then a cd player that never ran out of battery!

You came from the generation where not every device had to be plugged in every 12 hrs to ensure that it continued to function smoothly.

  1. The Amul advertisement ‘Doodh-doodh-doodh’ (I know you’re singing the tune along).

This was one of the most unforgettable iconic ads of our time. It actually made you want to drink down the creamy buttery Amul milk.

  1. Going to the cyber café to surf the internet because you didn’t have a computer at home.

There was a time before PC’s and smartphones became a thing. It was the time of the reign of the cyber cafes. I remember actually saving money so I could spend a couple of hours at café browsing the internet while it lagged terrible!

  1. The epicness of the movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, which we cannot get enough of till today.

Rahul, Anjali and their Cosco basketball definitely made the movie unforgettable. The movie continues to showcase on T.V. till today and make our Sunday’s completely entertainment filled.

  1. Let’s not forget our favourite shows on T.V. back then like Hip Hip Hurray and Remix.

We all aspired to have lives like the cool kids in Hip Hip Hurray and Remix. These shows were our version of FRIENDS and other iconic English T.V. shows. If you were born in the 90’s in India, there’s no way you haven’t heard of these or dedicatedly watched them at some point in your life.

  1. Begging your parents to take you to the videogame parlour for a game of bowling.

The only form of entertainment before the advent of the internet and before hours of browsing material took away our lives was either going out to play with your friends or going to the video game parlour when you were lucky enough to convince your parents to let you go.

  1. Sitting next to your landline and frantically trying to be the first caller to request songs on ITV.

Don’t you remember the blue and white ITV screen and requesting music from Band Blue over and over again. Ah, those were the days.

  1. Collecting Pokemon cards and Tazos that were all the rage back then.

You would buy and eat Cheetos all the time just so you could boast of an incredible Tazo collection and every penny you saved went towards buying a new deck of Pokemon cards because you had to ‘catch em all!’.

  1. Buying your school shoes from Bata because it was all a part of your mandated dress code.

Your school dress code involved wearing either the white shoes or the black shoes from Bata and god forbid if your white shoes weren’t polished, you would rub chalk all over them so didn’t get pulled out by the prefects!

10 Things 90’s Kids Will Definitely Relate To

Kids today have no idea what they’re even missing out on. All they do is stare at their computer screens all day instead of actually going out, meeting people and doing things! I for one am glad my childhood wasn’t littered with so much technology. The 90’s were an amazing time so let’s relive them a little.

  1. You know what real cartoons are and the thing on T.V.s these days is absolute garbage.

Scooby Doo, Tom and Jerry, Flintstones and the Jetsons to name a few, were some of the most iconic cartoons back then and we could never get bored of watching them for sure.

  1. You know the horrors of what it was like to have dial-up connection.

When you hear kids these days complain about the internet speed, you can all but laugh because they will never know what slow really means!



  1. You were actually a member or video library and a book library.

You couldn’t just download movies back in the day, you actually had to go to the library and rent it out. And don’t you remember always being late in returning in your library stuff and getting yelled at by your parents?


  1. You know what a Tamagotchi is and it was your favourite toy.

The Tamagotchi is the OG videogame. Sure, it might seem like the most boring thing on the planet right now but back then it was a complete rage.

  1. You actually went out-doors and played games with your friends.

You just didn’t sit around and stare at a screen all day. Whether it was simply running around your neighbourhood with all your building friends or playing sports (with all the Cosco equipment you owned), you definitely had a brilliant childhood.


  1. You know what the save button on computers actually means.

You’ve used a floppy disc and knows how it works and kids these days will never know why the save icon is shaped that way.

  1. At one point before Super Mario became all the rage, Space pinball was literally the most exciting game on your computer.

You and all your siblings would take turns playing on the computer (because you had only one) and would spend hours playing this silly computer game.

  1. You thought you were the coolest kid holding a candied phantom cigarette between your lips.

You thought you were really awesome when you got your hand on one of these and loved acting all grown-up and pretending to smoke.


  1. You would spend your entire weekend on MSN chatting with random people.

MSN was your jam and you could spend hours on it doing simply nothing and talking to people you barely know. It’s not like you had anything better do anyway!

  1. You didn’t get your first cell-phone till you were 16 and didn’t need to feel connected to everyone in the world all the time through some piece of technology.

People these days don’t even go to the bathroom without their cell-phones and you might be one of them now but you remember a time before technology became so integrated into our lives that we don’t know what to do without it.