5 Ways to win over this winter and live up to your New Year Resolution

It is said that lazy people are the most creative people. I guess that is true because had there been no lazy people around, we would not have come across the simple machines that make life simpler. Such people can get things their way or the highway. But when it comes to Fitness, it is a conundrum that these creative people can’t do much about. This chilling winter adds on to the pain in the neck. It is no less than an uphill task and I truly second the feeling. Hey, wait! Don’t get disheartened.

I hate winters but I love to stay fit. In order to keep myself in shape and not to lose on my health factor, I have stumbled upon certain workouts that are fun as well as powerful. They have worked great for me. Hope they do the same for you. Let me share the secrets.

5 Classic Workouts with a modern touch

Workouts can be really interesting if done the right way with some innovations. The question that must be on your mind is “Can they be done at home?” Absolutely! So let your wings spread and help you be persistent with your fitness activity even during this cold time of the year.

  1. Power Yoga: It is the advanced form of Yoga. As you are already used to hardcore workouts during summers, this should be just another routine for you. Though the name sounds scary, the result and feasibility of carrying it out even in winters is an advantage. You have a room, be it small or big and you have a yoga mat, you are set to start. Beginners can do 15 minutes power yoga watching videos. You can play your favorite music in the background and enjoy your session.
  2. Burpee: Like a full breakfast that includes everything nutritious, Burpee acts like one. It is a mix of pullups, pushups, and squats etc. that make you fitter with every workout. You might need a Yoga Set Mudra for this and this can work like a charm, without a doubt. Yoga Set Mudra from Cosco India has great quality with excellent durability. I am using that. Maybe that helps you too.
  3. Skipping: We have all done this when we were young and enjoyed doing it. Why not include it in the workout at home? It is a wonderful activity that warms your body up and enhances your stamina too. You don’t have to spend a fortune either for this, just a simple skipping rod and it works like a charm for you.
  4. Aerobic: If you love music and don’t want the hectic exercise burden you, a peppy number and aerobics can be an excellent choice.
  5. Running: One of the best ways to enhance your cardio regime is running. You will need a treadmill, though. Spending a little on helping you keep your body fit without going to a gym sounds like a plan to you, and then a manual treadmill is the best idea.

Don’t let anything come on your way to shake a leg this winter. Wear your best work out outfit and get rolling.

I love Dwayne Johnson, popularly known as The Rock and I would like to quote him here “If something stands between you and your success, move it. Never be denied”.

My laziness has gotten a defeat this winter, so will yours.


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