From New Year Resolution to Revolution

I never knew this would happen in my life. But it happened and I am a popular figure now in my town. New Year resolution was never my cup of tea until one day when I had taken to bed. It was winter last year and exactly on the 1st of January, I hopped in for a picnic with my colonial cousins. It was an adrenaline fun along the river side. The river water was calling me and I couldn’t resist. The result later was a bad cold and body ache. Don’t judge me on that. I do exercise but adieu bye to it during winters. Hence I suffered.

My New Year resolution began on the 2nd of January of 2015 to keep my immunity stronger. I got even conscious because the rest of the people who had done the same activities were all smiling and chirping the usual manner the next day.

Yoga, the game changer

Yoga it was. I made up my mind to teach and practice Yoga that could keep me rejuvenated and helped me impart the most important lesson of physical fitness to the kids. Surprisingly, I have more than forty practitioners now and they can’t do without a single day of Yoga.

The beginning wasn’t a smooth sail. I was the only soul doing it religiously. When kids of my neighboring area got to know about it, attracted many kids and young minds as we know love to take part in something they don’t know much about. That was the stepping stone for me. Soon a few increased to more and now I don’t have enough yoga mats. It is a sense of achievement for me. This initiative might sound a smaller one but the fruit is worth mentioning. When people call you the Yoga Guru, it puffs you with pride.

A simple Yoga regime can beat your unhealthy routine and inspire others at the same time. To start with I ordered around 10 Yoga Mats from Cosco and those were my lucky charm.

Effects of Yoga in my life

My life has taken its active shape with the help of Yoga. More than staying active with it, inspiring others to be active motivates me. Cherry on the cake is each of the following-

  • Life has gotten optimistic and health is three times better than it used to be
  • Practically speaking, mind and body feel relaxed, a feeling which I have never experienced before
  • Fitness can never be parted ways with be it any season
  • Everything around looks colorful and lively

Imagine the kind of turn Yoga has given to my life. I should also thank my only equipment that is Yoga Mat by Cosco India that has helped me accomplish this task. I cannot ignore Yoga bricks that have added a twist to the whole Yoga Asanas.


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