7 Simple Things to Do before Your Shower to live a Healthier Life

“Everyone who has taken a shower has had an idea. It’s the person who gets out of the shower, dries off and does something about it that makes a difference.” By Nolan Bushnell

Bathing is directly proportional to the health of mind. A person tends to feel lethargic and worked up if the shower is missed. Apart from the hygiene factor, shower can help reap benefits if certain things are done just before you bathe. Let us know the 7 simple things if done before our shower can assist in leading a healthier lifestyle.

7 simple things to do before shower for a healthier life

Health is not just confined to your body; it is also related to skin and hair. So simple tasks can get you the desired result, when, done just before your shower time. Do you crave for beauty that is healthier and beneficial?

  1. Workout: This is for people who complain of the crunch of time. You can spare 5 minutes before the shower because we anyway spend time loitering around, finding things before a shower. Why not utilize only a few minutes for warm up so that we feel refreshed post bath.
  2. Scrub the body: Body scrubbing is not recommended to be done on a regular basis. It can be harmful for the skin. Getting a good body scrub and then rubbing it all over the body before you are washing off the dirt from the body can result in an evenly glowing skin. If you can’t scrub the whole body by yourself, you can take help of someone you are close to.
  3. Oil the hair: Oiling the hair before shower gives immense strength to the hair making it strong and healthy from the roots. Never tried this? Time for you to take care of the hair too. You can combine this with scalp massage too for added advantage.
  4. Yoga: Yoga asana which are not too complicated and doesn’t require lying down can be continued before the shower for those who find not time otherwise.
  5. Moisturize the body: Many of us moisturize after bathing but moisturizing before shower can be more fruitful than post shower. The moisture in the body is retained for the whole day keeping your skin smooth and scratch free.
  6. Gear up for the day: Planning the day before going to the shower or sitting in the shower thinking of the ways of achieving the day’s goal is advisable for a healthy mind and perfect start of the day. It is always good to plan than to fail.
  7. Add nutrition to the breakfast: If the shower is to leave for office or school or college, make sure to prepare the breakfast ready first so that you don’t have to miss on the nutrition at the last minute.

All these simple yet helpful tips can give a tremendous result with not just enhancing the balance of body and beauty but also the mind.

It is an urge for everyone to lead a life that is healthy and when this, not too easily achievable goal, seems achievable with this simple regime, anyone would love to follow the secret to healthy living religiously.

I am up for it. Are you?

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