8 Worst Cardio Mistakes You Should Avoid While Trying To Lose Weight -Cosco.in

The formula for weight loss is simple – burn more calories than you consume. Just because you’re doing an intense cardio workout everyday doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to lose weight. In fact, the reason you’re not losing weight in spite of hitting the gym every day is because your routine is lacking variety. In order to make full of the hours you spend at the gym you have to ensure you don’t make these weight loss mistakes that most people do.

  1. Not eating anything before an intense cardio workout.

Most people think that doing cardio on an empty stomach is good for you but that is a myth. In order to do an intense cardio workout, you need energy; for which you need to consume food. If you do not eat before a cardio session, your body will be unable to muster up the energy needed for the workout.


  1. Doing too much time at the same intensity on the treadmill or elliptical.

We are all creatures of habit and hence tend to do the same form of exercises every time we hit the gym. Doing the same workout for an extended period of time, every day will make the workout less effective. Cosco has really good gym equipment such as aerobic steps and trampolines for your workout needs; which you can use to mix up exercises such that you burn more calories in the same span of time.


  1. Not pushing your body to the maximum.

Just walking on the treadmill for an hour really won’t help you burn off too many calories. In order to lose weight, you have to push your body to its limit and do high intensity workouts that increase your heart rate.


  1. Wearing the wrong kind of shoes to the gym.

Wearing the right shoes is important because if you’re uncomfortable in your shoes, you won’t be able to push yourself. Wearing the wrong kind of shoes also increases the risk of you injuring yourself.


  1. Eating ‘low fat’ or diet foods.

Many ‘low fat’ and diet foods are loaded with sugar and will have the opposite of the desired effect. Instead you should control your diet and give yourself cheat days when you allow yourself to eat desserts or high calorie meals that you want. ‘Low fat’ foods substituted for regular foods isn’t really the best choice for losing weight.


  1. Taking too many supplements and consuming excessive amounts of protein.

Protein is good for you and you need to consume enough of it when you’re working out but what most people don’t know is that when you consume protein is excess, it gets stored as fat in your body. So it’s best to avoid those protein shakes and bars if you don’t really have a diet chart and understand exactly what you’re consuming.


  1. Not drinking enough water during and after your workout.

If you think that you’re putting on water weight by drinking excessive water, you’re wrong. If you do not consume enough water during your workouts, your body will become dehydrated and its efficiency will reduce. Drink water when you’re thirsty – it’s that simple.


  1. Not being focused on your workout.

There are people who spend more time taking selfies at the gym than actually working out and wonder why they’re not losing any weight. When you enter the gym, put your phone on the side and concentrate on your workout instead of messaging people and checking your emails. Do not interrupt your workout just because you heard your phone buzzing!



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