Treadmill Buying Guide- What You Need to Know?

Want to lose weight faster and effectively at home? Get a treadmill that can help you achieve your goal in a short span of time. Buying a treadmill needs an extensive study of the best treadmill brands, treadmill price in India, space at home, utility, and much more that comes under your radar. It is a decision that demands time and efforts in settling for the one that suits your need and pocket. So, consider the following points before getting the best one.


Treadmill Buying Guide

When you own a property, do you buy it at once? You won’t because it is a lifetime investment. Treadmill, although is not even an inch closer to a home, neglecting certain points can get you jeopardized when after owning one, you see no result in the long run. All your hard work goes in vain. Here you read the vital factors before buying your treadmill.

  • Availability of the options: Online hunting is the best when it comes to looking for products that you are willing to spend on. You can have a list of the best-motorized treadmill for home. Make your checklist of the ones that you liked.
  • The Use: The choice of the treadmill may differ depending on where it will be used. For use at home, consider the space lying vacant where you have decided to bring your new best friend home. As this will be the ultimate companion in your daily exercise regime, getting it from the best exercise equipment retailer will be a sensible decision. Cosco, by far is one of the best in the zone of equipment pertaining to workout. You can bank on it.
  • Legs on Experience: Test run on the selected treadmills for home use will be fruitful. You will know the machine from your experience and not through your eyes or ears. That is quite essential to be put on the bucket list of inspection.
  • Modern technology: Of all the important features that the treadmills will have in place, you need to know what your priority is. Features apart from customized workout, user ID workout and interval programs can be ignored.
  • Price: Although listed at the bottom, it is one of the most vital factors that you must consider. The more you spend the better version you have in the market for your pick. You can check for the motorized treadmill price and select one within your budget with the above-mentioned points in mind.

There may be more such points that you may feel are important. Don’t avoid them. You will know your needs more than anyone else would.

The Treadmill is the exercise equipment that is rated as top in helping one lose weight in less time yet effectively. Spending a little more to get the result that can be a motivation for others in the house and the society too can be a decision that will never go wrong.

Who doesn’t want perfect abs and toned leg muscles? Do a good homework for buying the treadmill that truly helps.


How to Workout on a Treadmill (For Beginners)

When we talk of a treadmill, I can associate with it better as I have been putting on weight. It has gotten too prominent as holiday fat. What could be done? I want to look slimmer and toned once again. I don’t want to suppress my breath for the sake of showing that I have a flat tummy. Secretly, jealousy is overpowering my calm and making me act weird. Now that I have to be back to work, sparing much time is out of the question. Seeing my obsession and frustration growing every day, my husband decided to gift a treadmill. The best part was that treadmill exercises were Greek to me. I looked for help online and from a few friends who are regular with treadmill workout.


Collaborating my research and knowledge on using the treadmill for the first time, I have managed to cut some fat off my not too toned body. Once again, I am back to shape and happily flaunting my toned tummy. Mine was a treadmill for home. You can choose any motorized treadmill for home and get the legs running.

Here’s what beginners can do to use a treadmill

  • Consult with the doctor: First of all, it is very important that you meet your family doctor. This is to check if you have any sprain or pain in the joints of legs. Using a treadmill requires you to be fit and healthy at the feet.
  • Running shoes: If you already have your favorite pair of shoes, it will do the job. If you are new to the world of exercise, then good quality running shoes is an essential buy. Don’t compromise on the quality of the shoes. You don’t want to feel tired soon.
  • Stay hydrated: Treadmill workout indicates a continuous 20 to 30 minutes workout. You may be dehydrated in the course. So drink fluid before you start it. Being hydrated keeps you more energetic and ensures an effective result.
  • Warm Up: Starting with a warm up before any exercise regime is important. It is no different when you start on the treadmill. Spare 5 to 7 minutes for stretching and doing simples warm up. This will keep your body in balance.
  • Substitute it for running: When you run outside, you don’t keep your hands stiff. So why with the treadmill? Use your hands as though you are running on a track. This will burn your calories.
  • Settings of the treadmill: Be sure to know the use of the settings. Don’t manually set it to a higher limit which may not be your capacity in the beginning. Go slow as slow and steady wins the race.
  • Safety Measures: Initially, one does have chances of falling off the treadmill. The safety clips should help you in maintaining the balance and not getting injured if you go off track.

These are the important points to keep in mind when working out on a treadmill. You must be motivated to start it right away. Don’t be rigid with the speed though as you need to increase the resistance after a week. This way, you will be able to get the desired result.

The most important question is “Have you bought a treadmill yet?” If not, Cosco India should be your choice. It is known for the top brand of best treadmill in India.

Difference between Recumbent Bike vs Upright Bike

With the growth of demand on maintaining health and fitness, people have gotten competitive in getting the best exercise bikes for their daily exercise regime. No one wants to compromise with the result as everyone wants to cut the dash when being seen. Recumbent bikes and upright bikes have been the needs for a complete body exercise. But the question, both cannot be the best. One has to surpass the other in one aspect or two. This is the law of nature. There has to be a fraction of a difference between even two like objects. So what is it with these two bikes?


The difference between Recumbent Bike and Upright Bike

The difference is only to make one choose the better of the two because what each of the bikes does is absolutely subject to personal needs. You don’t want a sprained back due to discomfort using the bikes.

Upright exercise bikes were brought to the market way before recumbent exercise bikes were and therefore the former ones have more consumers than the latter. The point that amazes everyone is the popularity of recumbent type that has grown in the wink of an eye. There must be something special about it.

Both the categories of bikes fall under fitness. Either you jog or plan to run on the treadmill, you are doing the same core cardio, but what is more beneficial and impactful? You have the answer. Well, it is no different an answer for the two exercise bikes in the discussion. The design of an upright bike is such that the person exercising will have to sit above the frame of the bike while the design of a recumbent bike, the person will have to sit within the frame of the bike. What suits you the best? To get a better clarity, Cosco, India, the brand known for teaching our country the fitness mantra can explain better.

While training on an upright bike, stress is experienced on unwanted parts of the body which we don’t target, on the other hand, a recumbent bike facilitates stress on the right organs owing to its stability. Many people have seen moving around limping or with some funny postures having worked on an upright bike.

There is no second thought that both the bikes are two of the best exercise bikes available for purchase. Time for the good workout session at home! Getting one of these can be helpful. Exercise bike benefits cannot be compared with anything other gym equipment.

  • Although a gym equipment, it has the perfect size to be owned at home
  • Comfortable to use by any age group
  • Cycling is fun and adding this fun to the exercise regime is worth it

This summer, wait for no perfect day, to begin with, your core training at home.

The Final Choice: Upright bikes give you extensive cardio help and it can be the best for those with no chronic pain in the body. Imagine your plan was to be fit whereas you got disfigured. It, however, depends from one individual to another. Any machine is good as long as the workout you have been doing is helping you sweat out. Excuses in delaying the purchase of racing exercise bikes will be delaying the opportunity of getting fitter.

Two big Names and One big Show: IPL

IPL or Indian Premier League is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year after the format was first introduced in the year 2007. The scheduled date although is the 5th of Apr’17, people have been waiting this day with great enthusiasm since the announcement of the league. The Theme song “DusSaalAapkeNaam” is an apt one for the occasion. Great news for Cricket lovers is that IPL is indirectly joining hands with the name that we all associated with cricket in the 90’s. Any guesses? It’s Cosco India.

Kolkata Night Riders popularly known as KKR has joined hands with us to promote KKR at a larger level. To be precise, Cosco is a license. Now the home brand to India is enthralled to manufacture cricket balls and bats with KKR logos and images on them. We are bewildered to have been chosen by one of the best teams for the advertisement. This is sheer trust they have vested on and the drive to give only the best has been aimed.

ipl kkr

Speaking from the viewer’s point of view, “The coming together or the home brand to India and IPL can definitely give rise to more excitement as both are generously acclaimed by cricket lovers. It can be a lethal combination in getting more people to watch the league this season.

The events are supposed to take place in Bangalore, Delhi, Vizag, Pune, Rajkot, Mohali and Mumbai. It is the beginning of something grand that hasn’t been witnessed earlier. Let’s keep the fingers crossed.

The serendipity of Cosco coming together with KKR is one of the reasons one can look forward to this season amidst the already buzz that’s happening across the country.

Matches to look forward to

  • Gujrat Lions v/s KKR on the 7th of Apr
  • MI v/s KKR on the 9th of Apr

Of course, each IPL team has unique potential and fan followings.

Auctions accomplished, players announced, the flavor of the league expressed, we are excited about the league. Are you?

Cricket and Cosco are inseparable and the legend continues

Those were the days of gold when scooting from school, we used to head home with the excitement within each of us to play cricket. Galli cricket in India is still played; however, the charm it had in the 90’s can no longer be brought back. With the years passing by, the game of cricket is played as a profession more than a game of joy. It was a neon green colored ball that was used for the game and we called it Cosco. Of course, it was India’s Cosco that introduced the ball but any ball that came in that color and material was called by the name. That’s how the ball got its identity across all games played especially cricket.


It is a firm fact that still when we see a ball with that color, we call it by the same name we used to in the earlier days. There had been a slight gap when the neon ball was replaced by the hard red ball. Within this gap, did anyone forget the neon ball?

As “History repeats itself”, Cosco is entering the world of cricket once again with a bang; this time Cosco is a ball license for KKR which means Cosco is entitled to use the team as their packaging covers to get more sales.After all, legends can’t be forgotten so easily. People who have been busy to play the Galli cricket will relive the moment of the past. IPL is a league that unites the world for the world. The fact that a team doesn’t have cricketers from one country makes it more intriguing. They keep aside their countrymen spirit and play as a team. I think that is the best example of “teamwork” and the people should learn from Indian Premier League.

The commotion, the colorful uniforms, the celebrities’ involvement, the involvement of the businessmen and much more make it a league that only promises entertainment. The enthusiasm seen in the past will undergo a leap of million times for completing a decade since inception.

Amidst everything else happening, we can’t wait to see Cosco doing the branding of KKR. The sight is definitely going to be nostalgic.

Indian Premier League is a league that has been doing the job of creating the same spirit of Colonial cricket. The short 20 overs in which it has been formatted idealize the concept of short and crisp because anything best is served less. Watching a one day match that is played for 50 overs in each inning is interesting but only feasible to be watched on a holiday or Sunday; however, IPL T20 is just the right combination of excitement, thrill, and time-saving. Have a cup of coffee with a few nibbles and the inning is over. How’s that?

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