Cricket and Cosco are inseparable and the legend continues

Those were the days of gold when scooting from school, we used to head home with the excitement within each of us to play cricket. Galli cricket in India is still played; however, the charm it had in the 90’s can no longer be brought back. With the years passing by, the game of cricket is played as a profession more than a game of joy. It was a neon green colored ball that was used for the game and we called it Cosco. Of course, it was India’s Cosco that introduced the ball but any ball that came in that color and material was called by the name. That’s how the ball got its identity across all games played especially cricket.


It is a firm fact that still when we see a ball with that color, we call it by the same name we used to in the earlier days. There had been a slight gap when the neon ball was replaced by the hard red ball. Within this gap, did anyone forget the neon ball?

As “History repeats itself”, Cosco is entering the world of cricket once again with a bang; this time Cosco is a ball license for KKR which means Cosco is entitled to use the team as their packaging covers to get more sales.After all, legends can’t be forgotten so easily. People who have been busy to play the Galli cricket will relive the moment of the past. IPL is a league that unites the world for the world. The fact that a team doesn’t have cricketers from one country makes it more intriguing. They keep aside their countrymen spirit and play as a team. I think that is the best example of “teamwork” and the people should learn from Indian Premier League.

The commotion, the colorful uniforms, the celebrities’ involvement, the involvement of the businessmen and much more make it a league that only promises entertainment. The enthusiasm seen in the past will undergo a leap of million times for completing a decade since inception.

Amidst everything else happening, we can’t wait to see Cosco doing the branding of KKR. The sight is definitely going to be nostalgic.

Indian Premier League is a league that has been doing the job of creating the same spirit of Colonial cricket. The short 20 overs in which it has been formatted idealize the concept of short and crisp because anything best is served less. Watching a one day match that is played for 50 overs in each inning is interesting but only feasible to be watched on a holiday or Sunday; however, IPL T20 is just the right combination of excitement, thrill, and time-saving. Have a cup of coffee with a few nibbles and the inning is over. How’s that?

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