Two big Names and One big Show: IPL

IPL or Indian Premier League is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year after the format was first introduced in the year 2007. The scheduled date although is the 5th of Apr’17, people have been waiting this day with great enthusiasm since the announcement of the league. The Theme song “DusSaalAapkeNaam” is an apt one for the occasion. Great news for Cricket lovers is that IPL is indirectly joining hands with the name that we all associated with cricket in the 90’s. Any guesses? It’s Cosco India.

Kolkata Night Riders popularly known as KKR has joined hands with us to promote KKR at a larger level. To be precise, Cosco is a license. Now the home brand to India is enthralled to manufacture cricket balls and bats with KKR logos and images on them. We are bewildered to have been chosen by one of the best teams for the advertisement. This is sheer trust they have vested on and the drive to give only the best has been aimed.

ipl kkr

Speaking from the viewer’s point of view, “The coming together or the home brand to India and IPL can definitely give rise to more excitement as both are generously acclaimed by cricket lovers. It can be a lethal combination in getting more people to watch the league this season.

The events are supposed to take place in Bangalore, Delhi, Vizag, Pune, Rajkot, Mohali and Mumbai. It is the beginning of something grand that hasn’t been witnessed earlier. Let’s keep the fingers crossed.

The serendipity of Cosco coming together with KKR is one of the reasons one can look forward to this season amidst the already buzz that’s happening across the country.

Matches to look forward to

  • Gujrat Lions v/s KKR on the 7th of Apr
  • MI v/s KKR on the 9th of Apr

Of course, each IPL team has unique potential and fan followings.

Auctions accomplished, players announced, the flavor of the league expressed, we are excited about the league. Are you?


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