What is better: Running outside or Treadmill Workout

The common question “What is a better workout; Running outside or Treadmill Workout?” will have different answers. It is the goal of a person that will decide the better option. Age also has an important role to play in making the final call. Running is the traditional way that people have been following till date as it is the most effect ways of performing cardio. Well, whether the treadmill is a motorized treadmill or a manual treadmill also makes a huge impact.

What is better 3 may 2017

Comparison between the two

  • Choice of place: Running outside means feeling the nature while running on the treadmill means being confined to the four walls. If your choice is an open space for inner peace, then treadmill exercises may not be a good option for you. You will give up easily.
  • Age Factor: Running on a treadmill doesn’t increase your heart level the way running outside does. Now, that’s true to the non-inclined treadmill. If the treadmill has been inclined a little, the effect can be better.
  • Weather condition: If the weather is not favorable, you will tend to stay back at home. This implies a day’s loss in your exercise. A treadmill is beyond any weather conditions. You can walk or run on it any day. There is no chance of missing the run unless you are lazy. Moreover, you will have to wake up early for a run because when everyone’s day starts to work, school, and colleges, running can get dangerous. What if you had a long day the previous day and sleeping got late? You definitely won’t be able to drag to run outside. The treadmill works better here. If you missed it in the morning, hop on to it and start anytime. That’s the versatility.
  • Professional Need: In the case of professionals who are getting ready for some resistance driven competition like martial arts, race etc. you may want to go outdoors. This will make one ready for the real situation.
  • Price: People don’t want to spend on treadmills after learning about the treadmill price in India. This is quite a dominant factor. India’s Cosco is emphasizing on healthy lifestyle and therefore treadmills are offered at a competent price for those who want a smooth workout.

Both the regime has pros and cons. With the benefits of being able to be close to Nature, one can burn more calories running outdoors, while the best treadmill brands ensure that similar result is achieved without having to go out and compromising with the weather conditions. Personal safety, however, is a concern while running outdoors; treadmill ensures you have comfortable training with surface cushioned and smooth to run on.

It is one’s personal discretion to choose between the two. Both are equally effective and result oriented ensuring you have a better way of life. Treadmills are friends for gym trainers and trainees. Without a treadmill regime, no workout will be complete. It is in high demand with the increasing need to stay fit and healthy.


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