Basketball Hoop Buying Guide for the best purchase

It was unthinkable to have basketball hoop portable for the ease of movement. With the options of basketball hoops available, one has to note down many essential points without which buying the best hoop for your game of basketball can be compromised. Let us dig into those important aspects.

Your step by step guide to buying the best basketball hoop

Step 1 (Portable or static): Don’t be surprised because for the ease of movement from one place to another, one can buy a portable hoop. The portable ones are suitable for children and amateurs because the stability is not guaranteed. In-ground hoops are the best for those who play the game professionally. You also get wall mount option which can be stuck to any wall lying idle.

Step 2 (Rims): Have you ever seen a basketball player hanging on to the basket? He is holding the rim. Without a rim that is of superior quality, one can’t afford to do that. You get standard rims which were the first to come, then we got exposed spring breakaway rims and then enclosed spring breakaway springs. The most used ones are the second and the third types owing to their flexibility. However, you want it for a low price and regular shots, this one will suffice. Enclosed spring breakaway rims are used for high-end playing and in tournaments of a higher level.

Step 3 (Backboards): A basketball backboard is one of the most important parts while buying hoops. You will find them in acrylic, polycarbonate and tempered glass. While the acrylic one and the polycarbonate ones don’t promise flawless performance, tempered glass backboard is the one that you need. The former two won’t be a bad choice if you need it for your children to practice at home. Also, look for the sizes you want because the price depends on the size. Some of the best backboards of basketball are found in Cosco India website. You can have a look and make your choice. Here’s one for you to refer to.


Step 4 (Backboard support): Again, this element depends on your utility of the hoops. If it is for professional use, you need the best support and if for play on your home ground, you can go for the less expensive support.

Step 5 (Adjustment of the height): Well hoops need to be placed at the height just right for you. There are basketball hoops that can be adjusted and there are hoops that come at a standard height. With the hoop’s height, the basketball net is adjusted for being able to basket. There is no point buying a 10 feet height hoop that doesn’t allow your children to basket and get demotivated.

Whether you are willing to buy for your home or for your team who is going to play at the state or national level, this guide should be an eye opener so that you are not duped by retailers when you go to buy one of them.


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