How to Play Volleyball – Volleyball Rules and Regulations

Something that comes as easy as playing handball is the game of volleyball. When you go to a beach, beach volleyball is the game that is enjoyed the most with friends and families. It is a simple game that can be played between two people or two groups for fun. If you want to take it professionally, you need to learn the tricks and rules of playing it right now. You will learn it fast and appropriately if you follow the volleyball rules and regulations step-by-step.


Here’s the deal before you know the rules

  • You need to have a team of six which should be a combination of three front row and three back row
  • You will need a libero player who is also called a back row player or a defensive specialist. To differentiate from the rest of the team, he or she can wear a different color jersey

The rules that one needs to be aware of

  1. The Court (Rule 1): To play the game of volleyball, you need to have the right court prescribed. Volleyball court measurement is not complex and one can easily set this up. The Width is 30 feet and the length is 60 feet. The net should measure 30 feet by 30 feet on each side. Cosco has some of the best quality volleyball nets that you can choose from. Once the ground is set, you are ready to attack your opponents.
  2. The Game (Rule 2): A Volleyball game begins with a serve. There will be a server who does it from the end of the court as long as the feet of the server don’t cross the line. If we date back to the history of Volleyball, the ball when served shouldn’t touch the net and reach the opponent team. The catch is that it doesn’t matter anymore as long as the ball crosses the net.
  3. The Attack (Rule 3): When answering the serve, you need to follow the sequence of the attack and that is a bump, set and spike. The sequence has been named differently now. It is known as pass, set and hit. One person cannot hit the ball twice in the sequence. If done, soon you will be out of the court.
  4. Change of Position (Rule 4): Every time, you get the ball back to your court, each of the team members has to rotate anti-clockwise. If this trick is not mastered, it can get really over the head and you won’t be fruitful enough for the team. Getting this right is absolutely important.

That’s not all

You need to know the scoring pattern as well. Here’s how it work.

The game will be played up to 25 points which was initially 20. A team has to win two games out of three. The offender team will score on every miss by the defender or out of bounds hit while the defender team will score on every miss by the offender, out of bounds hit or if the serve hits the net.

All the upcoming volleyball players can learn the rules and be the master of the court in future.


Tips for Choosing a Basketball Pole Online

A strong foundation keeps your house strong and untouchable by any external force for long. In a similar way, if you don’t want to break any of the 206 bones in you, a good basketball pole is a must. Basketball fans will understand the pain one has to go through in dribbling the basketball to make it to the basket. What if the pole doesn’t support you? It can have many consequences that no one wants to face. It is imperative to have the best poles for basketball in terms of size, shape, type etc. There are three important tips that you can follow for getting the best one for your court. As online shopping has gotten more popular with the comfort level and best price taking over the market, we shall look into the online purchase tips.

Three Tips for choosing a basketball pole online

  1. The shape of the pole: As the pole comes in four typical shapes viz. rectangle, square, round and triangle. The most used ones are round and square. To choose one of the two depends on your use. Are you using the basketball equipment for home use or some professional training purpose? If it is for home and you don’t want to keep the budget strict, round poles can come handy. For professional use or for a ground that is used many players, the square pole will be more suitable as it is stronger and stiffer. However, the price will be on the higher side.

cosco-1++2.The size of the pole: The size of the poles is another important aspect to consider while buying your much needed basketball pole While the size of the round pole can vary from 2.75 inches to 3.5 inches in diameter, the square pole 4×4 to 8×8. Bigger the size, more stable will be your basketball system as you need to consider the basketball board, basketball hoop etc. that go on the pole. You don’t want to pay less and get something that is less durable.

3. Choose a Good Pole Pad:When a basketball player is close to the pole for his or her basket which is crucial for the team to win, safety also should be a priority. The poles can hurt and when it is a square one, the pain can be doubled. It is advisable that you have pole pads of superior quality so that no one is hurt.

As it is going to be an online purchase, do check the reviews by customers and specifications of the pole.


While you have considered the top three tips, one thing to always keep in mind is the type of pole. Never go for a pole that comes in several pieces and you need to join them to get one basketball pole. Cosco India and top brands of sports equipment recommend one piece pole for longer sustainability.

For basketball pole, you should never compromise on the price. The more you spend the better quality pole you get and that should be the motive. A game of basketball without a strong pole can be a spoiler.

Basketball Hoop Buying Guide for the best purchase

It was unthinkable to have basketball hoop portable for the ease of movement. With the options of basketball hoops available, one has to note down many essential points without which buying the best hoop for your game of basketball can be compromised. Let us dig into those important aspects.

Your step by step guide to buying the best basketball hoop

Step 1 (Portable or static): Don’t be surprised because for the ease of movement from one place to another, one can buy a portable hoop. The portable ones are suitable for children and amateurs because the stability is not guaranteed. In-ground hoops are the best for those who play the game professionally. You also get wall mount option which can be stuck to any wall lying idle.

Step 2 (Rims): Have you ever seen a basketball player hanging on to the basket? He is holding the rim. Without a rim that is of superior quality, one can’t afford to do that. You get standard rims which were the first to come, then we got exposed spring breakaway rims and then enclosed spring breakaway springs. The most used ones are the second and the third types owing to their flexibility. However, you want it for a low price and regular shots, this one will suffice. Enclosed spring breakaway rims are used for high-end playing and in tournaments of a higher level.

Step 3 (Backboards): A basketball backboard is one of the most important parts while buying hoops. You will find them in acrylic, polycarbonate and tempered glass. While the acrylic one and the polycarbonate ones don’t promise flawless performance, tempered glass backboard is the one that you need. The former two won’t be a bad choice if you need it for your children to practice at home. Also, look for the sizes you want because the price depends on the size. Some of the best backboards of basketball are found in Cosco India website. You can have a look and make your choice. Here’s one for you to refer to.


Step 4 (Backboard support): Again, this element depends on your utility of the hoops. If it is for professional use, you need the best support and if for play on your home ground, you can go for the less expensive support.

Step 5 (Adjustment of the height): Well hoops need to be placed at the height just right for you. There are basketball hoops that can be adjusted and there are hoops that come at a standard height. With the hoop’s height, the basketball net is adjusted for being able to basket. There is no point buying a 10 feet height hoop that doesn’t allow your children to basket and get demotivated.

Whether you are willing to buy for your home or for your team who is going to play at the state or national level, this guide should be an eye opener so that you are not duped by retailers when you go to buy one of them.

Cosco Shareholders Cheer as Stock Prices Reach Massive High

Cosco recorded a huge increase in share prices for the fiscal year 2016 to 2017, and the company is on an upward trajectory due to several factors that work in its favour.

In the uncertain market of today, here’s good news to cheer you up. Cosco, a domestic sports brand that an entire generation grew up with is still winning steady and creating new benchmarks. The last fiscal year turned out in favour of Cosco India Ltd (CIL). The company had a stellar run and recorded a whopping 186 percent increase in share prices. This is a tremendous achievement for the company when compared to the modest 16.7% return recorded by SENSEX during that particular period.

If you’re an investor looking to make profitable tidings, it’s time to add a few Cosco shares to your portfolio as the future seems bright for CIL. The individual stock is currently valued at 307 INR on the BSE. The predicted valuation is 17.9x for the Fiscal Year 19. This makes it an ideal choice for investors who are looking for high-growth consumption products of India.

The increase in share prices of Cosco may be attributed to several factors. From a nation-wide increase in awareness of personal fitness levels to apt pricing strategies, there are several things that work in favour of Cosco. One of the biggest factors that impact the growth of CIL is that it belongs to the “TINA” category. There Is No Alternative brand and is currently the only one player that caters to the high-growth sports segment in India.

Another significant factor is the pan-India presence of its products. With a strong distribution network, this Delhi-based sports good manufacturer, distributes products and equipment all over the country, making it a household name. While GST is bound to impact small unorganised players negatively, it’s sure to help Cosco gain more market share.

The Brand Value of CIL works to its advantage. From basketballs to tennis rackets, Cosco for decades has remained as a well-known sporting goods brand in the country. With a huge number of prestigious affiliations with both national and zonal level tournaments, Cosco has carved a niche for itself in the sporting fraternity. This is what makes the brand gain an edge over its competitors.

Affordable pricing makes Cosco appeal to a broad segment of the industry. While people no longer want to compromise quality just to save a few bucks, the average Indian is still wary of luxury products. This makes Cosco an ideal choice for a vast majority. CIL combines quality with apt-pricing to make it the preferred option. Apart from sporting goods, the company has recently launched fitness equipment and accessories, thereby reaching to a wider customer base.

All these factors work to the advantage of CIL and have helped it record a massive increase in stock prices, bringing cheer to shareholders and investors.

About Cosco India Ltd

Established in 1980, the Delhi-based public limited company is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of sports goods, fitness equipment and accessories in the country.

Kettlebells, One Perfect Tool for Optimal Fitness –

It is hard to believe but kettlebells make for the most effective exercise tool that one can have for optimal fitness. It is a versatile tool that can be used not just in one way but various ways for getting you in shape. This makes it the equipment worth investing on. Anything for fitness, isn’t it? This is one of the best things so far. Kettlebell workout has helped many in fitting into their old clothes and look young once again. Five benefits that one can’t ignore about kettlebells will be explored further.

Why is kettlebell the perfect tool for optimal fitness?

Well, as they say something that may be small may not smaller in functionality and that goes absolutely right with this comparatively tiny yet powerful hand tool.

Best for Cardio and muscle training: With kettlebells in your hand, you won’t be wrong if you say that “I can be fitter and hotter again”. It is believed that cardio training is an essential part of every exercise regime. Kettlebell exercises are the need of the hour and everyone finds cardio training look simpler with it. The effect is just mind blowing.

Easy to carry anywhere: When you go to a distant and remote place for some “Me time”, what do you do to accomplish your exercise routine when you find no gym nearby? Moreover, you can’t even carry your treadmill wherever you go unless you are travelling by a truck that you own. You have the power in your hand.


Dumbbells versus kettlebells: Dumbbells are the traditional tools while the kettlebell workout for men and women are new to the conventional routine and creating a sensation with its effect on everyone in the quickest time possible. While the former can give you a good warm up and help in other core training, kettlebells are themselves hardcore trainings.

Swing your way to Fitness: You never knew swinging could make you so fit. Kettlebell swing exercises are the best to accelerate the heart beat and improve core strength of the body. Your blood circulation is improved thereby making your health consistent and body toned. By just swinging the kettlebell, if one gets so much, who wouldn’t want to try this amazing product? It is new and trending for its ease of use and great in use. When we were children, we loved swinging; now we are grown up for the most effective kettlebell swing.

To begin with so much possibility of kettlebells, you will need to master the art of swinging the tool. Post you master the skill, you will know your way out to endless regimes that you may try and get the desired fitness. Cosco, India has some of the best kettlebells online if you wish to make a purchase.

It improves your strength, helps to do cardio, endures your strength and your muscles get the needed move. With one tool, you get multiple benefits and that too with so much ease and comfort of using it anywhere. It definitely is one exercise tool that you can’t do without if you get used to it.

Kettlebell Exercises for Beginners | Kettlebell Workout

With the growing demand of kettlebell exercises in the workout regime, many have taken to buying kettlebell online and from other stores in the locality. Cosco, India has been consistent in delivering quality exercise accessories and therefore can be trusted for the best value for money. While buying is the first step to making the plan successful, beginning with the exercise is the essential part. Beginners will need some guidance on how to use this tool in a workout.

Kettlebells exercises for beginners to start with

  1. The Swing: This one is the first step if you’re a beginner and excellence in this is the stepping stone to a more complicated step. Stand with your toes pointed and lift the kettlebell or kettlebells. If you want to start with one, you may do so. Start swinging the kettlebell back and forth. Doing this, your arms should be loose and not restricted. Try this for 5 to 10 minutes for the next 6 to 7 days.Kettlebell swing exercise is the ABC that you need to master first.
  2. Goblet Squat: This is just the normal squat. The only difference is that you have your companion kettlebell with you this time. Stand as though you are standing for squat bending your back and your toes lifted. Now start squatting with the kettlebell being held by you in a manner that your hands are vertical. You can repeat this for 10 times. You can also do the single arm squat if you want it to be more intense.
  3. Hip Halo: Simple in nature but quite effective for the perfect kettlebell workout. Hold the kettlebell in one hand and stand straight. Try moving it in a circular shape around the hip. Repeat this movement on the other side.
  4. Squat Thruster:Squat Thruster demands that you hold two kettlebells by their horns and take them close to your chin ensuring that the elbows are pointed outside. Now, you need to bend forward and as you bend, take those kettlebells over your head while you stand. Repeat this for 5 to 6 times.

These exercises should be enough if you are a beginner because if you tend to extend the intensity, you might get exhausted and give up on doing. Take baby steps so that you enjoy doing the kettlebell exercises and see the transformation of the body happening gradually. There will be strength building up and making you stronger and endurance ability higher than what it used to be. You will find a drastic change in what your stamina was and what it has become now.

With new tools come new possibilities and trying these simple exercises with your cute kettlebells, you will fall in love with the possibilities that you are about to explore henceforth.

The Beginners Guide to Inline Skating

Many find it easy to skate inline when compared to roller skating. It is easier because inline skates are easier to balance on and quick to learn. For inline skaters, there’s not much of a difference in instruction. It is quite the same; however, a basic guide can be helpful for those passionate about it but are absolutely clueless.

The beginner’s guide

  • Inline skates that fit you perfectly: Get the inline skates for your match. Don’t compromise for a low-quality skate as there might be challenges your way when you do so. If a kid is showing interest, there are inline skates for kids too. You may find various types available in the market. Opt for the multi-purpose when you are learning. You will get various options for inline skates price but settle for the best only.
  • Headgear: Well, inline skate although easy can cause harm if your feet lose the balance. It is imperative that you have the best quality helmet for the protection of your head. Go for the CPSC certified or Consumer Product Safety Commission-certified for that added protection.
  • Dress to protect your body: When you are inline skating, you have more probability of hurting your body. Why not wear clothes that give you protection from scratches and wounds?
  • Practice Nearby: Don’t go too far to practise. You need to close to friends and family when you have just begun learning. Practising on higher altitude is also not recommended at this stage. Gain confidence and known all the tricks to go that far in the sport. Take baby steps to take the bigger step later.
  • Fall but don’t fall: Well, every skater falls and there is no doubt about it. What makes the difference is the landing. When you know that you are about to fall, shape your body in such a way that your protections pads do their work. You need to get up and start again. You don’t want to fall and fall in bed for weeks.
  • Safety is the first priority: Once you have learned everything about inline skating, you will have the urge of skating even on roads. Everyone does, you can do it too but for your own safety. Be slow, have the protection gear on and pads worn properly.

By now, you must have made up your mind on buying one of the best inline skates. Price shouldn’t bother you as Cosco, India’s brand has the legacy of retailing sports equipment for decades. You won’t be disappointed in getting the trusted inline skating kit.

You need something stylish and comfortable to wear. How about the picture below?


Get rolling with the best inline skates but mind you, don’t let excitement overtake your passion.

In skating over thin ice our safety is in our speed” by Ralph Waldo Emerson is a reflection of what we mean.

5 Steps You Need to Follow to Master Your Roller Skates

Roller skating is a sport that everyone wants to try but a few can master the art. It is a sport that needs perfection in balancing the body on the roller skates. Although appears to be fun and easy, it is with a lot of practice that you see one doing stunts. If you are one of the aspirants to inculcate the skills in excelling roller skating, you need to tame your skates. How do you do that? There are five simple steps that you must follow to acquire the requisite skills.

5 Proven steps that you need to follow

A portion of dedication and a portion of regularity will help you get there where you want.

Step 1: The first step is about collecting the equipment required to start your roller skating practice. Get a protective skating kit because it is your initial phase of learning. You need that extra cautiousness so that you don’t get hurt. Tumbling and rolling on the skating ground are quite common. Be ready for them. Basically, the first step is about getting your skates. Online purchase can also be done. Have a look at this great looking roller skate by Cosco, India.


Step 2: Learn the first step to roller skating. Gliding is what everyone calls it. The trick is to push the board with one foot and glide with another. How easy it is, isn’t it? Let me tell you, it is not everyone’s cup of tea unless practised for approximately two to three hours every morning or evening. For this, you can have a pair of fine skating shoes that will make the process easier.

Step 3: You expertise in driving a car shows when you know how to put the brake. Similarly, when you are learning roller skating, learn how to stop when you want. This is how you learn the control over it.

Step 4: Practice makes a man perfect. Step 4 is the step when you need to start revising and practising all the previously learned tricks regularly. A sport doesn’t come easy. With more practice, you become more proficient.

Step 5: There is no point in learning a game unless you join a club or a local team that will make you learn more from the experienced and professionals. Once you have joined such professional teams, you will have more exposure to the world of skating or for that matter any sport.

Follow these steps step by step so that you own the game and make yourself proud. Well, someone who learns a sport definitely wants to be like one sports star. So be one and shine bright.

Any sport can be mastered if there are passion and practice. There is no short cut to success. Extreme talent amalgamated with focus will help you in realising your dream of being an ace roller skater that your region will talk about. You never know if the consistency persists, the world will know you.

8 Reasons Why Jumping In To The Pool Is The Perfect Way To Beat The Summer Heat

This summer is particularly killing and if you’re dying in the heat as much as I am, you should definitely consider undertaking swimming. It won’t make you sweat like a pig like every other form of exercise in this weather and at the same time will keep you active and help you build your stamina. Swimming is also incredibly fun and joyful, ensuring you’re not easily bored with your workouts and this way you can maintain an active lifestyle. If these reasons are not enough to convince you to start swimming, read our list to know more.

  1. Swimming is the perfect calorie burner.

Are you worried that munching down on those extra chocolate bars and guzzling down beers is going to make you fat? Well it probably will, unless you decide to go swimming and burn off those extra calories. An hour of swimming can help you burn more than five hundred calories and you continue to burn calories even once you exit the pool because swimming actually increases your metabolism levels!


  1. Swimming is an inexpensive sport.

You don’t need to invest in any gear to swim except your swim suit and a swimming cap, you can easily buy an inexpensive swim cap at Cosco and you’re ready to hit the pool! There is a lot of other swimming gear you can buy but that completely depends on your budget.



  1. Swimming helps you increase your body flexibility.

Because of the buoyancy of the pool water, the force of gravity is counteracted on your muscles and bones. This is why swimming is a form of low impact exercise that lets you relax your muscles. Relaxed muscles lead to increased flexibility. The range of motions required to swim, further stretch out your muscles, making you healthier.


  1. Swimming helps you shape-up and tone your muscles.

You have to move both your hands and legs to propel forward in the pool, pushing aside water while doing so. This helps in increasing your muscle strength and actually shaping your body to give you a leaner swimmers body.


  1. Swimming actually helps reduce stress levels!

You can just disappear under water while swimming without any noise or disturbance from the outer world. You have zero interaction with any form of technology, leaving your mind completely free to wander off. This will naturally help with your stress levels because even if it’s just for an hour a day, you can just let everything go.


  1. You don’t need to a team to take up this sport!

You don’t need a buddy of team mate to go swimming. You can very well go swimming by yourself and therefore there is no need to rely on anyone else. This definitely increases the appeal of this sport because you can do it at your own time and convenience.


  1. Anyone can take-up swimming regardless of their age or weight.

You don’t have retire from swimming unlike other sports and the impact on your muscles doesn’t stress them out over a period of time so you can actually keep swimming no matter how old you are! Swimming is also the best form of workout for you if you’re over-weight because the buoyancy of the water makes you feel lighter and makes your workouts easier.


  1. Swimming makes you feel lighter, almost like flying.

We haven’t built the technology to let individuals fly yet so swimming is the next best thing. Swimming also releases endorphins into your blood stream making you happier and calmer, so put on a pair of goggles from Cosco, just float in water and pretend to fly.



8 Reasons Why Taking Up Skating Is Totally Worth It

You might not think of skating when you think of fitness and getting into shape but you will be surprised by the health benefits skating has to offer. Yes, that’s right,skating can actually help you lose weight! The best part about skating is that you can buy skates for as low as Rs. 750 from Cosco which means you don’t need to spend massive chunks of money to undertake this sport. Skating regularly is one of the healthier workout options out there and it definitely has a great number of advantages.protective-kit_2295992477

1. Skating helps you build on your motor skills and balance.

Your balance affects how you handle yourself in your everyday activities such as walking, jogging and other sports activities. Having a good balance is essential to reduce the amount of energy you consume to do daily chores. Balance is one of the key factors of being a good skater and once you take up skating there’s no doubt you’ll grasp it eventually.


2. Skating makes you meet a completely new clique of people who have different kinds of interests.

Once you undertake skating you’re bound to meet new people who are skaters and this will lead to you making numerous new friends. You will also land up talking to more people about your hobbies as a skater which make you more interesting to talk to.


3. Skating can also be used as a mode of transportation.

Now this may not be your best option in a country like India where the roads have more than a few potholes but once you’re a pro at skating, you can definitely commute small distances on your skate board or roller skate wherever necessary and save a few bucks of transportation.


4. Skating teaches you perseverance.

Skating is hard work and learning tricks on your skateboard can take months if not years. It is even possible that you might learn a trick one day but won’t be able to replicate it the next. You then learn that certain things are worth it even though it might take you a long time to master them.


5. Skating helps you build muscle definition.

Skating will not only help you lose weight but also help you build muscles if you take up this activity on a regular basis. Your leg muscles will become well defined over a period of time because of the twists and turns you make while on your skateboard.


6. Skating will definitely help you uplift your mood.

Have you ever seen a person on a skateboard or roller skating frowning? Of course not! This is because skating liberates you and makes you feel free. Skating helps you clear your mind and focus on your tricks and technique. It also helps release endorphin into your blood stream, making you a more jovial person.


7. Roller skating prevents joint injuries.

You might fall and scrape your knees and bruise your arms while skating but it is a known fact that skating is actually much better for your joints as compared to walking and jogging. Also you can always prevent yourself against these minor injuries by securing a protective kit and helmet from Cosco.



8. Skating helps you make a fashion statement.

If you love dressing up in stylish clothes and setting yourself apart from the crowd, take up skateboarding. Skate boarders have a distinct sense of style and always make a fashion statement wherever they go. If these are not reasons enough to undertake skating then I don’t know what are!